Being Highly Sensitive

Last week I talked about needing a break, you can read about it here. This week I want to share with you about being a highly sensitive person. If you haven't read the about us section, please do. We are two highly intelligent, yet sensitive people living under one roof. There's a lot of emotions… Continue reading Being Highly Sensitive

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Stop Being Non-Stop

If you are a parent then you are aware that it's a nonstop job. This week alone, the princess was at a dance camp, planning classes for the summer, she had an orthodontist appointment, started back to school shopping, Mommy had to save her from one sleepover at midnight, and she managed to make it… Continue reading Stop Being Non-Stop

lifestyle, time management

Managing through the Chaos

Since the princess was born my life has been a life of time management and planning. She was born into a life of social work. I was working in child welfare full time and on call 24/7 but I also had a part-time teaching a domestic violence boundaries class for preschoolers of abusers and victims.… Continue reading Managing through the Chaos