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Preparing for the Breakthrough

Waking up in the morning, it's payday but I don't even check my account. The bills are paid, I am not trying to figure out what can I pay today and what must wait until the next paycheck. I smile as I get ready for work. I'm the boss. I'm making the decisions and signing… Continue reading Preparing for the Breakthrough

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Three Tips to Look Like You Have it Together

I am constantly questioned about how I manage all the things that I am responsible for. If you have read the "about us" section, you will know that even in my small household of two, we are constantly busy. From my staff meetings to her student council meetings, from my life group meeting to her… Continue reading Three Tips to Look Like You Have it Together


Who’s On Your Team?

One of the things that many people forget about is the importance of their support system. People go into depression and can fall into poverty due to the lack of having people catch them before the fall. Previously, I wrote about my swim team, the people that would swim as far as necessary to make… Continue reading Who’s On Your Team?