Family is Everything

This week I chose to write about family. What is family to you? For many people this definition varies but to me, family is the group of people in your life for the long run. These are people who are committed to being a part of your life on the good days and on the bad days.

Immediate Family

Your immediate family includes your parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and spouse. These are the people that you most likely spend most of your time with. They can be biological, adopted or step.

For me, I only have one living grandparent. She is my Granny and the matriarch of my maternal side of the family. My father is pretty much non-existent and my mother, although present, we don’t have the best relationship. I have two younger siblings on my father’s side, one I talk to on social media and the other I have never spoken to. I have two younger siblings on my mother’s side. These are the two I grew up with but we are like night and day.

This part of my family I am trying to rebuild the relationships with. I truly believe that family is extremely important so I use continue to focus on how I can be more Christlike and forgive those who have hurt me and learn to love each of them.

If you have ever experienced any hurt or neglect from a parent that caused your siblings to question you, then you will understand what I mean.

Extended Family

The extended family is the aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews. Growing up these people I was extremely close with. My cousins were like siblings. My nieces and nephews were like my children.

I have one uncle and four aunts. I have seven nephews and two nieces and too many cousins to count. These family members are my fun. These are the people that I have grown the closest with. I enjoy every moment that we have together. They are like friends and mentors who know the back stories of your life.

Church Family

Being close to anyone outside of friends and family is new to me. I happen to attend a church that focuses on not one person walking alone. They focus on building community through life groups.

My life group has become my people. The ones that I can always call on for guidance. They keep me centered with God. The group that I volunteer and serve with has also become the people that remind me that I am on a mission to continue to do God’s work.

These people have become family. These people are there for the long haul, good, bad or indifferent.


Work has two separate people. We have those I manage and although they are all older than me. I am the “Mommy”. I cover for them. I guide them. I mentor them and I help them to be the best individuals they can be. They encourage me and help keep me focused.

Then I have those that are my go to work friends. These are the women who are praying for me. They are the ones I can cry to when I am hurting.

Both groups have become family. They are there on the good days and there on the not so good days. I spend the majority of the day with these people so they are an important part of my life.

Friends that are Family

My friends are my life. No one knows me better than they do. I am so grateful that my friends put up with me. They are literally my biggest fans and my worst critics. They are there to lift me up but they will also keep me accountable.

All of these people are my family. They are my support system. They are my village. Who are the people in your life that you call your family? Which family group do you spend the most time with?

30 thoughts on “Family is Everything”

  1. Family is everything to me too! But my family is rather small, and as I’m an expat (the only one in the family) I only see my parents, siblings nephews and niece once every two years. So every day of the rest of the time, it’s just me, my husband and my two children.

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  2. I agree, family comes in so many forms and how lucky are we that we get to choose and add members to it. My friends and church family are huge parts of my life as well.

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  3. I love this so much. Family is everything, no matter who you are. They are your support system, your crutch when you need it, you kick in the butt when you need that – they are the rock on which our lives are built. I love that you included work, friends, and other community family, as well.

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  4. So true – family is everything, and it does come in many different forms. I can really relate to that. I hope to have kids one day and extend this family of my own, too 🙂

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