Preparing for the Breakthrough

Waking up in the morning, it’s payday but I don’t even check my account. The bills are paid, I am not trying to figure out what can I pay today and what must wait until the next paycheck.

I smile as I get ready for work. I’m the boss. I’m making the decisions and signing the checks. I pause to thank God. My entire laugh has been destined to guide me to where I am right now. God has been preparing me for a time such as this. Every heartache, every tear, and every moment of exhaustion was all for today. And then my alarm goes off. I’m dreaming of the breakthrough.

Breakthroughs can be the moments we dream for. The moments we are hoping for. For me, my breakthrough is going to be when I am finally walking in my purpose.

I know there are things God is calling me to do. I want to grow into the woman He has called me to be. I want to continue along the destiny He has set for my life. I also know I must be obedient to get there. This is a path unknown to me but I know there’s promises He has made to me.

As I am working through the process of a breakthrough there are some things that I have learned are necessary to make it. Becoming what God has called you to be will literally test you and if you are not careful, your breakthrough will break you.

My life mission is to “Through love and compassion, lead others to grow into their maximum potential and fulfill their purpose!”

In order to do that there needs to be someone leading me. If you do not have a mentor, then you need to get one. You need people around you that are smarter than you. You need people who have done what you have done to help you walk the path. One of my mentors is Sarah Jakes Roberts. Although I have never met her, I listen to her daily. She pushes me to keep going even when it gets hard. Lisa Nichols is another one of my mentors that I have never met, she reminds me that I am enough and that I can motivate the masses. And then I have what I refer to as my swim team, these are my inner circle people that constantly push me. They tell me when I am wrong. They cheer the loudest for even the smallest accomplishments.

Getting to the point of breakthrough will take work, it will take time. Learn to be patient, be present, and enjoy the moment! We get so caught up in where we come from and where we are going that we forget to just enjoy life. We must learn from our mistakes and plan for our future but we cannot live in either of those spaces. In my post titled, “Forgiveness is Freedom,” I talk about understanding the importance of forgiving. Forgive yourself and forgive others, this is truly freeing and it is necessary for growth. Without growth, there is no breakthrough.

And finally, you must be true to yourself. Everyone keeps talking about living your best life and living your life like it’s golden but exactly what does that mean? It means taking care of yourself. It means learning what is not aligned with your purpose, so you can identify what to start saying no to. Once I identified my life purpose and my life mission, I was able to start identifying what type of people I need in my life. I was able to see that I need to reading and learning at all times. I made sure I identified who my mentors were. I begin setting goals. I made my vision board to keep me focused on where I want to be in the next 3-5 years. Currently, I have my goals and I am breaking down the objectives.

For me, I am no longer dreaming of a breakthrough. I am planning for my breakthrough!

81 thoughts on “Preparing for the Breakthrough”

  1. Such a fantastic article! it’s what we’re all searching for.. if we know it or not! I take solace in knowing that so long as I continue to be open minded and grow with each passing day, my breakthrough will find me.

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  2. Good luck working on your breakthrough! I loved what you had to say about the ‘swim team’. Reminds me of my own inner circle and the love and support they give me 🙂

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  3. As the daughter of a former swimming coach, I love that you refer to your supporters as your swim team! What a wonderful image I have of my father urging me to keep going and swim faster. I also enjoyed reading about your mission. Way to live out your days with intent!

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  4. Pray through the breakthrough! I a waiting for mine as well. I love your vision board. I made mine digitally and it is the background image on my computer to remind me of God’s calling every time I see it.

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  5. It is so great to be a part of your journey as you made your breakthrough and came up with your goals. I love the concept of being a ‘goal digger’. 🙂

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  6. I am in the same place that your in– the process of fully becoming– it’s sweet because I have finally accepted and am walking in my purpose, but it is also nervewracking at times because of the responsibility. I agree that mentorship is key too. We don’t use the resources of others who’ve been where we’re going nearly enough.

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  7. I like how you have your own swim team, it is interesting to learn that! I too wish to have the inner circle people who constantly motivate me and push me. Your “swim team” has inspired me and I wish to have my own “swim team” too.

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