Dating with Kids

If you have read any of my other posts, you know I am all about self-care. Dating is a part of self-care, it’s self-preservation of your relationship. Rather you are married dating your spouse, divorced or separated and stepping back into the field or just a single mommy trying to get back into the scene.

As a single mommy, these are the things that I want you to know if you choose to date me.

1) My child is my everything. This blog is titled, “Mommy 2 the Princess”. I was told I would never have kids so to me the Princess is the most important person in my life. I’m not married so I don’t what that looks like putting my husband as the head. But for now it’s God first, the Princess second, and everything else is just that, everything else.

So if you are going to date me, you cannot dislike her? You don’t have to think she is the greatest person on this planet, as I do but you must think she is pretty cool.

2) Although I am naturally a planner, being a mommy forces me to be flexible at times. I have to coordinate schedules and make adjustments. If my child is sick or needs me, I may be late and I may have to cancel. But I will communicate that with you. You must trust that if I have made the decision to date you, that I will make sure that we have time for us.

3) Learn the balance between needy time and quiet time. I have a 10yo that is constantly requesting my time and attention. You have to understand that sometimes I am content with complete silence. I’m also a mommy and people, including myself,always put her first. It’s nice to have someone check on me and ask me how I am doing, making sure I eat and get enough rest. I will take time for me. Self-Care is so important!

4) Understand that I know what I want. I know what I will and won’t put up with. I have a daughter that’s watching my every move. I’m not in a rush but I’m definitely not interested in waiting my time.

5) We are a package deal. If you don’t want kids, if you don’t like kids, if you prefer dating someone without kids, if you think my kid is weird, well she is but if you aren’t ready to deal with the weirdness, please let me know up front. We are full loving people and anyone would be lucky to have us in their life. The passion we have to make others great. The love that we give and the intellectual conversations we have, it’s all worth it if you are ready for the challenge.

34 thoughts on “Dating with Kids”

  1. My mom used to date with us four kids. I don’t know how she had a love life, but even then we could see it was important to her. Here’s to you & the princess living happily ever after, with or without a king!

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  2. I feel the same way. My daughter comes first and everything else is secondary. In my experience, a lot of men don’t seem to understand or want to deal with my schedule. They don’t understand the demands of a small child and they can’t seem to wait for anything. They want to rush and put the pressure on if you aren’t on their time table. Even with simple things like when to talk, when to text and of course the bigger things. I thought I was picky before, but now it’s not just about me anymore.

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  3. I think you are totally right! nothing comes before my kids for me too! I am married and I must say having “dates” with my husband is quite difficult, especially because I don’t trust strangers to leave my kids with and we are expats (living in Switzerland right now). So there is no family near and our friends here are very few and with lots of their own children haha.

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