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Three Tips to Look Like You Have it Together

I am constantly questioned about how I manage all the things that I am responsible for. If you have read the “about us” section, you will know that even in my small household of two, we are constantly busy. From my staff meetings to her student council meetings, from my life group meeting to her choir practice, from overseeing all the programs at my full-time job to being a dance mom to a dance that has dance practice at the studio 12hrs a week and this doesn’t even conclude our schedule.

As an adult, with children or not, it is important to learn and practice skills to at least give the appearance that you have your life together.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days that all the plates that I am juggling fall and break. I am one person and I can only do the best that I can.

I am going to give you three areas that I do to appear I have things together.

1) This Mommy Plans

I am a planner by nature. I live for Erin Condren and happy planner. I love stickers and colored sharpies. They literally make me happy.

Once per week, usually on Saturdays and I plan the following week. I set my goals, I make my grocery list and review my schedule. I look at the week before and see what was not completed and make sure its set as a priority for the upcoming week. I make sure I do not have any conflicting appointments and make sure I considered travel time when scheduling meetings.

I make sure that the princess has her schedule, so we know days she needs to wake up early, any projects that are due and if I need to purchase school items or gifts for friends birthdays.

We also prepare for the week by making sure we have our clothes ready for the following week. We meal plan so that I know what I need to get from the grocery store.

You do not have to be as extreme as I am but I do think it’s important to at least identify what you need to do the upcoming week.

Set at least 1-2 goals per week and set up daily objectives. Make a plan that works for you. But we are supposed to write our vision and make it plain.

2) This Mommy is Simple

I like things easy. I am not into doing more than necessary. I used to be really into the cleaners because I hate doing laundry. I am the person who always has a stack of hang up clothes or a load that still needs to be folded. I do not like to iron, so I will throw something in the dryer while I am showering. Then I discovered Gwynnie Bee. They give me the opportunity to closet clothing that is perfect for me based on my style and size. The only subscription box for plus size fashions, including work clothing, casual outfits, and weekend/date night fun. (The link gives the opportunity to try a 30 day trial for free; I have been using this subscription for six months now and I love it.

I must take one day a week to work on my hair. As a naturally curly girl, I must deep condition weekly to avoid frizz and looking crazy. I try to do weekly face masks to help keep my skin clear and glowing. I schedule my nail appointments. I need my nails to look nice. I am in several meetings a week. People want you to look the part when you are trying to collaborate. So I choose to manage my hair and leave the nails to the professional, my nails appointment serves two purposes, self-care and having a manicured hands and feet.

Again you do not have to partake in all the things that I do but find ways to streamline your look. Recently, I went back to my natural hair color to save money and time. Figure out ways to save time, effort and money all while still being you and looking fabulous while doing it.

3) This Mommy Believes

I believe in God and I believe in myself. As my relationship with God has grown, I have learned to embrace being me. I have learned to give myself grace. I know that I have to set boundaries. I created my life mission,

“Through love and compassion, lead others to grow into their maximum potential and fulfill their purpose”

Once that was done, it allowed me the opportunity to say no to the things that are not aligned with what has called me to do. This also helped to create time to find balance and self-care. When you not taking on more than you were intended for, you will feel less stressed. In “Being a Mommy to Gifted Child” or “Being Highly Sensitive“, you will know that life is not a cake walk but I know that the trials and difficulties I experience are for me.

We must find ways to live our best life. You get one life, have fun, take some risks, grow and learn some things. Find out who you are and what’s your life purpose and nurture yourself to be the best you that you can be. That means setting some goals, make some plans and become a goal digger. It means figure out how to look the part. They say fake it til you make it. Think about how you dress and carry yourself. If you want it, research how to get there and start acting like you are already there. And finally it means believing in yourself. Have faith and set your personal affirmations. And most of all this means do not forget about yourself.

67 thoughts on “Three Tips to Look Like You Have it Together”

  1. I need to get it together so bad! I have planners, I’m obsessed with planners and pens and stickers… But I NEVER use it. I even just picked up the HP supermom planner for 2019 and I’m hoping I’ll find some planner peace with it. I want to sooo bad.

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  2. These are all great. Without my faith, I would be totally lost. It keeps me grounded and ready to go. I like planners. I just struggle with finding the best one for me. I like lines because I write big and need the space and so I found a pretty cheap planner at Walmart for like $10 that works really well. I also created a blogging journal that sort of serves as a planner for all things blogger with templates and all that fun stuff. It will not be released until November, however. Thanks so much for sharing how you maintain even through days that from the outside may look cray cray.

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  3. Love these three tips! They stopped giving us planners at work. They told us to use online planners. I have to say the online planner is NOT working for me! I think I will invest in a planner like the one you have in the picture. It looks like a great one! 🙂

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  4. Great post! I’m a planner as well. I will take all the stickers and colorful pens I can get. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. I love the daily reminders….these are great for the vision board.

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  5. Oh my gosh i love this post!
    We also have such a busy family and I’m so guilty of not being organised enough.
    I definitely need to plan more too.

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  6. Yes! I LOVE planners, too! I’m a list maker. I love the feeling of getting it all written out, and organized, and then the feeling of crossing things out as they happen. School supply shopping was always my fav as kid because of my love of paper, pens, markers, and stickers lol.

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  7. Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! I am an EC Life Planner girl, but I have not been using it to it’s full potential this year! I will need to focus on that! I love your tip about stream lining your look! It’s ok to hire professionals to take care of some of the things! I LOVE getting my nails done, but haven’t been in ages! I want to make that a priority because looking good is part of feeling great!

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  8. These three tips are all so important, especially the last one! I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the grace of God. I, too, am a planner so having a good planner is key for me!

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  9. I set up long-term & short-term goals, and my days are all pre-planned…But, these aren’t set in stone and are just there to ensure my days are meaningful & that I keep moving in the right direction.
    – Nandita

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  10. planning helps in planning for those goals that can bring meaning and happiness to our lives, instead of focusing on achieving just the monetary goals. … We focus on these and plan and save to achieve them over a period of time.

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  11. It’s so true. I feel really unorganized until I get it all down on paper. Whether its a list or a planner I think writing it down is really important.

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  12. Maybe I should start planning my week during the weekends, it looks like it’s a great way to save time. I like to get my nails done by a professional too, I was never good at getting them colored by myself.

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