You Need a Break

Have you ever felt like you are just over everything? This past week literally almost broke me. I was going like an energizer bunny. No one around me seemed to care if I have a nervous breakdown. As long as I am able to keep giving and giving and giving they are happy. I mean I was literally running on fumes.

As I walked around with my breathing in shorter breathes than normal. My head pounding and experiencing sensitivity to lights. I even forgot to eat twice this week until I started feeling weak and shaky.

My office and desk looked an absolute mess and we won’t even talk about my house. It was because I was overwhelmed! There was no way I could continue to do all the things that were asked of me. And even when I tried to delegate, things were falling through because it was too much to delegate. This working mom was overwhelmed. I started the blog discussing how I balance it all and I address being thankful for the busyness, The Act of Balancing it All.

This was beyond the just being “too busy” so I decided to take a break from it all. I picked up a bottle of wine, snacks and got a hotel room. My plan was to be in a room all weekend so I needed to make sure I was prepared for whatever mood I would be in. I also went and got me two new books from half priced books. My plan was to sit in the room, order room service, rest, relax and read. Packed my suitcase, hopped on the highway. It was time I stopped being nonstop.

Taking a road trip all alone is absolutely the best. I had a full concert driving down the highway! No one asking questions about anything and no complaints about my music choices. This was the first refresher. I did not have to tend to anyone else’s needs. I arrived at the hotel and I went to bed. I read one of my books until I fell asleep and I slept until I wanted to wake. I did not have to worry about my hungry child or rushing off to work. Then I called room service and had breakfast in bed.

I didn’t even leave the room for church. I literally only did what I wanted to do. I lounged around until early afternoon and the only reason I got up is that I needed food again.

The need to get away and rejuvenate was necessary. I cannot be of good service to anyone if I am in burnout mode.

  • I took a social media break. I didn’t post all weekend. I relaxed and only got out when I wanted to. I said no a lot, especially to the princess. This was the hardest but she is also the one who demands the most.
  • I took a real break so I could rejuvenate. I worked on my goals for the month and broke down the steps to weekly. It was exactly what I needed to get me back on track.

  • The next time you are feeling overwhelmed or approaching burnout, take a break! For some, that may mean thirty minutes to an hour and for others, it may mean thirty days to a year. Whatever it means to you, just do it. You will thank yourself when it’s over! I know I did and now I am recharged and ready to be Supermom!

    10 thoughts on “You Need a Break”

    1. We definitely need to take a break sometimes, even if it is just a short one. It is far too easy to get snowed under and feel overwhelmed. It’s good to remember that.


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