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Back to It

It’s the time of year where kiddos are heading back to school. I love seeing the first day of school pictures. I enjoy reading the posts about the sad mommies, as well as ones who are practically throwing their kids out in the carpool line. No matter where you fall and how you feel about back to school, this is an important time for you to get back on a schedule as well. Even us working mommies can tend to fall off schedule during the summer. Its nice weather, we are traveling, we are not eating well, we do not have any requirements for children other than food and keeping them alive.

During the summer, the princess takes lunchables but during the school year I am a Pinterest mommy!

As kiddos are starting school around the country, parents are able to decide to make some different choices. Let’s talk about three things that you can do to get back on track and back on schedule!

1) Getting Healthier

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As the school year is starting and you are buying new lunchboxes, water bottles, and your child’s favorite snacks, do the same for yourself. Your child needs healthy and balances meals to be able to function properly during the school day. As a parent, you are also a role model for your child, so if you are making good decisions about healthy eating and exercise, they will do the same. Well in my house, my child can only eat what I purchase her so together we are going to be making healthier decisions. Make some goals to eat more fruits and vegetables, to drink more water or add something type of weekly exercise.

2) Creating routines/schedules

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In step one, I mentioned the importance of being healthier. For me, this means meal planning and scheduling time to work out. But it also means creating a schedule that allows both of us to get enough rest to handle our days. As a working mommy for a nonprofit, night nanny and blogger, I have to schedule all my time to make sure everything gets done.  But I am also a dance mommy, the princess is enrolled in 13 dance classes and will be competing in three groups and a solo. She is also the Student Council President. We also have to keep a schedule for her as well so that we do not overbook. Find a planner, notebook, or calendar to keep track of your family’s schedule. Keep track of when your younger kiddos have things due at school. Create a daily routine for the mornings, as well as after school and bedtimes.

3) Scheduling time for Self-Care


If you have read some of my blogs, you will know that I value self-care above most things. If you do not take time for yourself then you will not be able to do anything for anyone else. Parenting tends to take a toll on this. You spend all your time either working to earn money to care for your children or with your children to make sure you are raising responsible adults. And while these things are extremely important, you my friend can not pour from an empty cup. Fill your own glass. Keep in mind self-care does not have to cost money, take a bubble bath while the kiddos are sleeping or read a book. During the school year, I schedule an hour to do nothing. Sometimes I read or watch television, other times I just sit in silence. Do whatever relaxes you!

As I work through trying to balance being a parent, I must identify areas that allow me to help myself as I help my child. We can get healthier as a family.  Managing our schedules help us stay accountable to the things we are committed to. Scheduling time to do nothing but relax keeps us able to remain in a good mental space to be happier people.

So as we prepare for back to school, let’s get back on track as well. Our kiddos and well-being are dependent upon it. 2FB25504-D374-4409-81BB-784B613B9041

16 thoughts on “Back to It”

  1. A healthy hearty breakfast really does the trick. As a preschool teacher, I’ve observed that children who eat healthy are more alert and energetic compared to their peers who eat mostly fast food. They also get to focus more, so their performance in school is way better! 🙂


  2. My daughter isn’t school age yet, but my husband and I are finding that these three things are definitely needed in our lives – especially self-care. It’s so easy as a mom to put everyone else first or feel guilty about taking care of yourself, but it’s so vital to keep going! Thanks so much for the reminder 🙂 You are so right – what we do is reflected back to our kids. If we want them to find these things important for themselves, then we have to model that.

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  3. First of all, your pictured meal looks divine– I know I’d love that for a lunch any day. Now, as for getting the whole family on a healthier track, that’s the goal, but it’s such a challenge. I’ve started to implement some things like meatless meals, I keep fruit on the table and readily available, and I get my kids to drink plenty of water. I just need to keep introducing more veggies and getting them out of some old meal habits (suggest, fries, etc.) and I think we’d be doing even better.

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  4. Daphne this is great! I didn’t think much about making better choices for meals. You are right about planning and especially meal planning. I am going to work on making healthier lunches and dinners.

    I have found having a calendar in a central location is helpful. Also using a shared Google calendar with my husband so that we both know what we have going on for ourselves as well as the kids.

    My oldest just started kindergarten on Tuesday. I was the mom that was almost dragging him out of the car. LOL. I was so ready for him to go back to school!

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