Just Don’t Judge

In today’s day and time people are constantly judging others and claiming that they are entitled to their own opinions. When all actually most people’s “opinions” are derived from a judgment of a person’s stereotype. For me, I just don’t judge because you are an individual. You can only be you and I am just me.

1) Don’t judge me by my skin color, I am a black and although my actions represent black people, we are not always the same. Being black I can identify with my culture but I will never represent the stereotype. I am just me.

2) Don’t judge me by my sex, I am a woman. I love to cook, clean and bake. I’m feminine, I’m girlie and my friends identify me as type 1. However, I am a boss in corporate America. I can change a flat and move an entire house by myself. I’m not a feminist and I’m not an anti-feminist. I am just me.

3) Don’t judge me by my hair! I am versatile. I can rock it in its natural coils or straighten it bone straight. Neither way defines me because as a neo-soul artist once said, “I am not my hair”. I am just me.

4) Don’t judge me by the way I parent. I do the best I can with what I have. My child may not go to bed on time but we enjoy our time together. I may not make every PTA meeting and school event but I work hard because I love her. My job knows being a mommy is my first priority but the school knows that Mommy has a job. That’s just me.

5) Don’t judge me because I love God and He is my everything. I am a Christian and I believe in the Bible but if you don’t, I still love you because that’s me.

I believe in love. I will not judge you for being different from me. I will not expect you to fit a stereotype that the world has said you must identify with because you and I are individuals. We are unique and we have our own identity.

For me, I constantly remind myself that I am to love others. God did not say, “Make sure you only love those like you!” God challenges us to be more Christlike. So love others, don’t judge them. You can’t possibly know someone based on their “stereotypes” that have been defined by others. We define ourselves and part of my definition is to love!


8 thoughts on “Just Don’t Judge”

  1. I love your post. I am the mother of 2 black girls and I can tell you they are so different and I keep telling them, they have their own identities. Keep rocking my friend.

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