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Superheroes Don’t Have One Job

When you are a full time, working mom with a business and some volunteer projects on the side, having a social life is hard. We are superheroes, trying to balance it all, but being around like-minded people and having fun is part of the balance.

So Friday night and this Mommy made plans to go out with friends. It also happened to be the weekend the princess was with me. The work week had been crazy. I had returned from vacation, read more about this in Let’s Launch into Vacation and Grieving While Doing Life, so I had a lot of work to do. We were in the middle of two seasonal programs and at the start of a new fiscal year. Because I know the princess truly believes she royalty and the world revolves around her, I decided we should have a movie night before going out so she could have some mommy time.

We go to our favorite theater, Moviehouse & Eatery. We had a late dinner and watched a super funny movie. The princess had a dessert and Mommy had sangria. It was a good evening. I came home to get showered and after changing outfits 100x, trying to find something cute that fits, I got dressed. I kissed the princess good night and she told me to have fun. I let my auntie know I was leaving, got in my car and headed downtown.

I barely made it to the highway and my phone rang. It was the princess. She was crying and saying she didn’t want to share me. She wanted me to come home. She missed me. So now I’m torn, should I just go back home with my tittie baby or should I go out with friends? But I was reminded that life is about balance and the princess can be a brat.

I’d worked all day, had family time and movie night with her and now I needed mommy time. After all, at this point, it was almost midnight and she should have been asleep already. So I calmly stated that I love her lots but Mommy is going out with her friends and would be home before she woke up in the morning.

I knew she would be upset with my decision but I knew she was home safe and she would be fine.

Being a single mom or a co-parenting mom can be difficult when it comes to having a social life. I spent years focusing only being a mom and my job. I always said yes to work and yes to the princess. I never said yes to myself.

I talk a lot about the different areas of life and how to balance it all. In I ❤️ Babies, I talk about how in my businesses I provide babysitting and nannying services to help others find their balance and I remind you that you must take care of yourself by putting on your mask.

Self-care is so important and so is having a social life. I’m not saying you should be out partying every weekend but take some time for you. Momma Gotta Have a Life is another place where I address this. It has been proven through various studies that not having a support system is one of the main reasons people fall into depression and poverty. We are humans who thrive from relationships with other people. We currently live in a technology world where we barely communicate with others face to face, which makes this difficult at times.

In the lesson for today, I want to remind think about balance when you are planning life. You, my friend, cannot be all and do everything. Learn when to say, “I am unable to do that right now” and not provide an explanation. The first time you do it, you will be relieved.

As mothers, we tend to wrap our whole life into our children and it’s because we literally wear superhero capes in their eyes. But superheroes can still enjoy things outside of saving the world/your children. So do lunch or bar hopping with friends. Go to dinner or see a movie with your partner or spouse. Find your balance.

40 thoughts on “Superheroes Don’t Have One Job”

  1. I really needed the reminder that it’s okay to have a social life that doesn’t involve my son. 95% of what I do outside of work involves taking my son along, and after working all week, I feel guilty not spending the time I do have at home with him. This was a great post to read going into the weekend.

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  2. I needed to read this!!! I absolutely love your message and completely agree with you. Finding mommy time is just as important as the rest of our time.

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  3. I agree! It is so important to find that balance and fill our own cup, too! I think of how I want my own kids to be when they are an adult. I also want them to learn to take care of their social needs. Modelling this for them is also important. Great post!

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  4. Thanks for the reminder to take some time for yourself when you are a mom. I find that after spending time with girlfriends, I come back refreshed with more to offer my kiddos.

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  5. Very beautiful post! I’m glad you made the decision to go out with friends and striked a balance between your family life and social life. By doing so, you have also set an example for your daughter. When she will have her own responsibilities tomorrow, she will know that her own time and her self care is equally important.

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  6. You made a great choice. I love that you call her princess but also dont allow her to be entitled….when you said you know she can be a brat. Lol. I think that showed a great side of you.

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  7. This is great advice! I’m not a mom yet, but I remember my mom never took time for herself. It’s important to have balance and I’ll remember that when I have kids 🙂

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