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Managing through the Chaos

Since the princess was born my life has been a life of time management and planning. She was born into a life of social work. I was working in child welfare full time and on call 24/7 but I also had a part-time teaching a domestic violence boundaries class for preschoolers of abusers and victims. I had not been out of college for long, I still enjoyed my friends and I was dating her father. It was a whirlwind but I was in my mid-20s and life was great!

Now fast forward ten years later. I’m 35yo, a program manager for a Christian nonprofit, I have a nanny business where I sleep train newborns, I mentor young adults and volunteer at church. I am a Mommy of a competitive dancer, which makes me a dance mom, the Student Council President, which makes me a PTA member and volunteer and a future entrepreneur, which makes me an atm! She is always trying to figure out how to make money. Check out her new YouTube channel!

Not to mention we have friends, family, we love vacations, I’m currently dating an awesome guy and now I have added writer/blogger to my crazy life!

How do I manage to make the time to stay sane and manage it all?

1. I am a planner addict!

My life planner is my life! Thank you, Erin Condren! I do not receive any compensation for adding her link but I recommend the life planner and I am loyal to it!

I write everything down, everything is color coded and I use stickers to reminder to do things as simple as spreading the joy of paying bills. I keep a list of who has asked me to pray so that I actually do it.

I’m not saying you have to do all this but finding a way to keep track of what you have planned is the first step to managing a busy life.

2. I use time management skills.

Think about how you manage your time. Identify your priorities. Set goals and objectives. Once you are able to do this you are able to break things down and decide where to start. I set goals yearly and monthly and break down the objectives into weekly and daily.

I identify my priority tasks and complete those first. The other tasks, I work through them as quickly as I can.

3. I believe wholeheartedly in self-care.

I plan self-care if I need to, it is a priority! Years ago I got burned out because I gave more than I had to give. I never said no and I never stopped. And because my swim team loves me they forced me to start saying no and practicing self-care. If you want to know what a swim team is click here to learn more. If you read my other blogs, Momma Gott Have A Life Too and The Act of Balancing it All you will read that taking care of self has become a non-negotiable for me because I love my life, those around and most importantly I have learned to love myself!

4. I pray and trust God

God is literally my everything. I and trying to figure out how to get to my destiny. I have identified my purpose and I rely heavily on God’s guidance. Now I am not what you would consider being a “holy roller” but I love God and I trust Him. I trust Him because His plan is always better than mine and I know what happens when I don’t. I fail, it’s just that simple!

5. With all the above, I align my life with my life mission!

And I created my mission through prayer and guidance. I identified my gifts and talents, confirmed my values and created my life mission. If it doesn’t fall in line with mission, I don’t do it.

“Through love and compassion, lead others to grow into their maximum potential and fulfill their purpose”

So figure out how to manage life and live the life you love. It has been a process but now I am living a life of happiness, being the best Daphne’ I can be, striving to do better than I did the day before and being okay with failing because I trust in the process and I give myself grace.

34 thoughts on “Managing through the Chaos”

  1. Being a parent can be exhausting a time. Constantly thinking of other’s needs before your own. Having a good routine not only for your children but yourself is key!

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  2. I don’t know how you do it. But you thought you were busy before, now you have 10 jobs. lol. I give you a lot of praise because you have a lot of irons in the fire. Keep up the good work.

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  3. I really should invest in a planner. I’m a VA, and I do a good job of keeping track with spreadsheets, but a planner would be great for when I can’t get to my computer. Great tips for managing.

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  4. Wonderful post! I recently went back to paper and it is easier to manage life when things are written down versus just adding it to the calendar on my phone. You gave some great tips I can put to use as well!

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  5. Oh, I absolutely love planners and self-care routines. In fact I even have an entire blog post dedicated to self-care. I love using planners to write to-do lists etc.they help a lot.
    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.
    Your writing is so good!

    Rukh AZ,

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