Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is my grandma’s birthday. She would have been 75yrs young today. It hasn’t even been 6 months since she transitioned. I miss her. I cried but I am happy. She was a great woman. She taught me to be strong and independent. She taught me how to love and how to be loved. Many people express gratitude to their mothers for teaching them how to be a woman and mom but for me it was my grandma.

My grandma taught me everything from how to cook and clean to how to treat people and manage money. From the time i was born, my grandma stepped in on behalf of my absent father. My father was a deadbeat but this post is not about him. My grandma picked me up every weekend so that I was able to spend time with her. I learned to walk at her house. I learned to read at her house.

By the time I started school, I was not only spoiled and not wanting to share with others but I was really smart. I would outsmart all the little kids to get their toys and playtime and I literally never stopped talking.

I can still hear her voice saying, “Daphne’ Danielle”, she always called me by my first and middle name. Her smile could light up a room but her look of disappointment was worse than any type of discipline. She kept me on my toes, even if it was teaching me what not to tell her about school so I didn’t get in trouble. She was the person who helped me to understand full disclosure is not always in your best interest.

When I got in high school, I hated riding the bus but grandma would always come pick me up every morning that I called and make sure I made it. She would lecture me the whole time about being responsible and getting a job and at the time, it all sounded like blah, blah, blah. But now I know she just wanted the best for me.

My grandma was a singer! She had one of the highest soprano voices I had ever heard. She could play the piano like nobody’s business. So of course she was all too happy to teach me to play. Well little unknown fact is that I cannot read music. She tried and tried and never prevailed. She even paid a lady to teach and still I could not play.

My grandma was diagnosed with dementia which lead to Alzheimer’s and she eventually passed away. In the beginning stages she would forget things here and there but the fear was always how would I respond if she forgot me. But every time she always remembered me. She may fuss at me for not visiting much but she remembered me.

However she never remembered the princess. She would always say, “Daphne’ Danielle, when did you have a child and when are you getting married?”

The best day was when the princess asked to play my grandma’s piano and my grandma got up and taught her. The princess was actually able to read music. Since the day my grandma taught her to play, she has taught herself many songs and has a keyboard in her room. They had so much fun that day singing and playing. Although I never had those talents, I was fortunate enough to watch my grandma have the experience she wanted. Her little chocolate (Great) granddaughter playing and singing with her.

So today, as I honor her memory, I will celebrate her. I am thankful for all the love she showed me and the guidance she gave me.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandma!

As a mommy, I am so much like her. I may never say no and the princess is pretty spoiled but that doesn’t mean I am not fussing while I am doing whatever I said I wasn’t going to do.

So folks, all I have today is the memories and lifelong lessons learned. I tell you listen to those who have more experience in life than you do. You may not feel you need it now but know that someday you will appreciate the memories of even the lectures.

DISCLAIMER: My grandma was born in 1943 not 1963, it was a typo.

37 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Grandma”

  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandma! This is the greatest way to remember the day of our loved ones and to be thankful that they are become part of our beautiful memories together.

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  2. First of all, I would like to greet your grandma a Heavenly Happy Birthday and I want to tell you that I always think all of my lost loved ones not because I want to become sad but because I want to be thankful that they become part of my life.

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  3. Happy Birthday to your Granma. I just lose, my Grandma, a few months ago. it was a heartache but yet we need to move on adn be happy knowing that they are in the hands of god now.

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  4. Grandmothers are the magical rainbow glue that hold families together. I lived beside my great grandmother, and I was over there all the time with her. I miss her so much, but I know she’s looking down on me.

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