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My Swim Team

One thing I have learned in life is the importance of those who love and support you, in spite of everything else. Those people who are always there for you. The ones who know when you need a hug. The ones who know when to cheer for. These are the ones who are there for you in rain, sleet or snow. If it was flooding outside and the boat was broken, they would swim to save you. My freaking swim team!

It has been proven that people without support are those who can easily slip into depression and/or poverty.

My friends are my everything. The people that I can tell anything without judgment but not without providing direction. They are my biggest cheerleaders and my most helpful critics.

My friends are the ones who will protect me at all costs. From removing a cookie literally out of my mouth because she knew I could not have it to identifying that a guy was trouble the first time she met him.

My friends are the ones who you look up and see that they are there at a loved one funeral sitting in the back to show support without even providing words.

My friends provide encouragement and pray for me without even needing the details.

They throw me parties and remind me to give myself grace!

But the best is when we are together life is amazing. We can stay up talking and laughing all night. We love to eat and drink because let’s be real, we are grown women with grown woman lifestyles and problems.

If you don’t have a swim team, get you one. They won’t be as good as mine but they are my therapy. They are my lifelines. They keep me same and understand that I am just me. I’m beyond grateful for each of them and I will cut you if you intentionally cause them any harm. #myswimteam

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