Lets Launch into Vacation

If you have read the about us section and the previous blogs, then you have an idea about the crazy juggling acts so it should not surprise you that I scheduled official launch day of this blog with the day I am hopping on a cruise ship. This also happens to be the day the fiscal year ends at my job where my new President started this week. So you can literally imagine how much blogging I was doing with multiple edits, closing out the month and year reports that we’re done, as well as the several checks completed to ensure we were not leaving anything for the trip. But somehow I managed to get everything done and everything packed.

The morning of travel, we woke up and got dressed. I started to load the car with our bags and suitcases. And of course, something has to happen to the princess. She ”twisted her ankle” going down the stairs. Now I am pretty positive this is going to bother me way more than it does her. I mean it is ”the princess” and nothing can be just as simple as it seems.

But hey I am ten years in, I should use to this. So I tell her to get in the car and we will deal with it later. She limps to the car and I barely turn out of the neighborhood and she asks where is the ice? Ice?? Where in the heck would I get ice? We just left the same location at the same time in the same car! So I calmly say, ”I do not have any ice, just prop it up.”

We got food because if not, this trip would have been missing one of the passengers. Everything was good and we were rolling on our way to Galveston to the port. M2P is going on a cruise this weekend. I have cruised before but for the princess, this is the first time. She has mentioned that she is wearing her life jacked the entire time because what if the ship sinks like titanic? 😆

Only my child!

Well, we are off to enjoy our family vacation and I hope you have enjoyed the blog so far. I can’t wait to share more about living life as a working mommy to a competitive dancing princess. Bon, voyage!

4 thoughts on “Lets Launch into Vacation”

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