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I Want to Be More Like Him

This week I signed up to volunteer for Vacation Bible School. My pastor keeps talking about serving at church and I feel the conviction every single time but I have yet to serve in any capacity. I made the decision, this time it was different. I am in a season where God is my guide and I am trying to listen more to His directions.

So when he led me to sign up, I was hesitant but I did it anyway. During this season, I am also learning God is in control and if that is where I am supposed to be, God will continue to guide me. I will only prolong the process. I signed up, I mean could serve for a couple of hours a day to help some kids learn about Jesus. But, of course, I missed the call and forgot to return the voicemail. they emailed with information to attend an orientation and somehow I was unable to make to all 6 of them.

Do you think that stopped God?

Not even remotely. These people were consistent, they offered another last-minute orientation for people like me, so I went in on the Sunday prior to VBS.

During orientation, I found out I would be there for a total of four hours and although I signed up for the cute little preschoolers, the children’s pastor said he felt led to place me with the incoming fifth graders! The princess is an incoming fifth grader and I barely feel led to parent her. So I walked up to him and stated,

”My daughter is that age and last weekend there were ten other girls the same age at my house and I barely made it!”

He chuckled and said, ”God is always preparing us for what’s next. ” So remember I’m trying to be more obedient to what God is calling me to do. So if the children’s pastor felt led, then let’s do this.

After working a full day at work on Monday, in the middle of one our summer seasonal programs, without a current supervisor and trying to prepare for my supervisor’s arrival, my staff transitions and my upcoming vacation. It had been a long day but I arrived ready to serve. I was ready to meet my kids. They said, 5-10 students. We started with a team huddle and let the games begin.

At the end of night one, I was beat. I had ended the night with 16 kids in my small group. I had been awake for over 17hrs and all I wanted was my bed.

The rest of the week went about the same. But it was what happened on Thursday that made it all worth it. We were playing an icebreaker to see how many things we had in common. We asked about favorite foods, candy, sports team’s, etc. Then I asked what was everyone’s favorite book of the Bible and one girl said, ”I don’t know because I have never read the Bible, I have never been to church before.” So I asked her how she felt about being at church and she said, ”I love it. I have learned so much about Jesus because you all make learning about Jesus fun and easy to understand.”

At that moment, my heart smiled.

That made all the late nights worth it. All the complaining that I would never do it again because I was so tired was now irrelevant. God set this up. God has plans for me. I do not always understand them but I know He wanted me there with the fifth graders to connect with that student, to remind to keep being about Jesus and doing His work, even when it’s difficult.

As an introvert, it’s hard for me to share with others especially about Jesus. I always hope that in spite of my flaws, people are able to see Jesus within me. I love Jesus with all of my heart but I am a sinner who fails Him every day. Each day I give myself grace as I attempt to walk this life journey with Him.

The lesson is none of us are perfect but we must learn to trust God. God is always up to something. He has plans for us. Each day is preparation for what He has called us to do. So stay focused on your purpose. Find out what your spiritual gifts are! And do what God has called you to do because the world needs you to do just that!

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