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I ❤️ Babies

A lot of people ask me when I plan to have more kids and I give them the generic answer of waiting on God and marriage but the truth is that carrying a baby full term is a difficulty for me. I was actually told by doctors that I may not ever birth a child but God blessed me with the princess! I am a believer and I knew God had the final say. I also know one that if it’s in His will, I will deliver additional healthy babies.

As for now, I get my fix from nannying. I started out as a night nanny, sleep training newborn twins overnight. There is nothing better than feeding and holding a newborn baby. The snuggles and the love outweigh the lack of sleep.

After the baby or babies are sleep trained, I usually become the babysitter. I even have families that are pregnant a second time and requesting my services months in advance. Over time, I have managed to build a steady database of people needing a night nanny or a sitter for date night. I am currently booked out for the next 8 months.

There were times where nannying provided supplemental income. At the time, it was definitely needed but I thank God now it’s just for the love of the families I work with and the ability to watch them grow and develop.

This week, I had the twins. I have worked with them for four years. They are like my other babies. I have seen them learn to walk and say words to starting pre-k. Next week, it’s a two-month-old whose parents just want to go to an adult dinner and celebrate with friends. I pray for them just as I do the princess. I’m so grateful for the bond with them because I am able to provide quality care and allow their parents to find their own life balance.

As a mommy, finding someone you trust with your child is difficult. Especially if there are not any family members around. I believe that God blessed me with these families so that I can build genuine relationships and satisfy my baby fever through others. But I also believe I am a blessing to them so they are able to take a break.

Being a mommy is the most amazing job! It is a huge responsibility and it is hard. So many people forget self-care as a parent because the priority becomes the child (ren). So the lesson I have for you is put your mask on first, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Find someone you trust, go on a date or get a massage by yourself. Balance is so important, so tonight after your sweet baby is asleep make a plan to find someone who will love your baby as their own, check references and background. Maybe the first few times stay at the house with them and just have a cup of coffee in a different room. Whatever you do, make time for you!

Babysitting or nannying for me allows me the opportunity to be blessed as I am blessing someone else.

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