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Breakfast, the Most Important Meal of the Day

The morning I decided to share my blog was a typical morning for us. I woke up at 5:00am and worked on the blog. I created social media sites and made some edits. Then I saw the time. I rushed to shower, get ready and wake the Princess. I then hurried to make her lunch because she flat out refuses to eat camp lunch. So I am fully dressed burning a hotdog in the skillet so she can have a grilled hot dog for lunch. The princess does not eat boiled hot dogs. She has her strawberries, hot dog, chips, yogurt, and drink. Her water bottle is filled up and she has her dance backpack in tow for classes this afternoon. Then as we are hurrying out the door, the meltdown happens. Why do you think this child is crying?? It’s because according to her, the school tried to poison her at breakfast on yesterday.

So as we are driving and I am trying to explain to her the school has requirements for their meals and I am pretty sure one of the requirements is not to poison the kids.

Imagine driving your child to a summer camp at the school and he or she is crying, real tears crying. Well the princess was crying and stating that I do not care if she is poisoned or not. She finally stops and says, I just won’t eat breakfast this morning and it will be your fault if I starve to death.

Upon arrival at the camp, she refused to smile or take our morning selfie. I  gave her a hug and kiss anyway and wished her a good day but she barely responded. I pray that she does actually eat breakfast so that she is not hungry and I head to work. I reach in my purse to grab my wallet to pay bills. And I can not find my wallet. No problem it has to be at home, I paid some bills last night. I go home and look on my nightstand and it is not there. I look all over the house and I start to panic but quickly remember that I paid bills in bed so it had to fall behind the bed. I take off my heels and leave them at the front door and run upstairs to grab my wallet and head out. But it is not behind the bed. I am pulling off the covers, allowing my 14 throw pillows to live up to their name as I am throwing them across the room and there is still no wallet. After I broke a sweat, removing my mattress and box spring, spilling a glass of water on my nightstand, there was my wallet under my bed! I am not sure how it got there but I was grateful that I found it.

You never know what kind of day you are going to have when you wake up each morning, but we should start each day with prayer, thanking God for the day and for God being God.  The lessons learned are that we must remember to slow down and focus every day, we must make sure our children are not being poisoned, and always know the location of your purse/wallet in case you want to give in and buy your princess breakfast or something.

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