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Girls, Unicorns and Sleeping bags!

So schools out for summer!! And we are celebrating the princess’s 10th birthday!! Sure her actual birthday was a month ago but last month happened to be a super busy month! So in exchange for delaying the celebration a whole month, for some strange reason, I agreed to have a sleepover with 10 girls! At my house!! I must have been intoxicated or something. But it was all going to be fine, I planned everything as usual. All the food and decorations were ordered. We had a cute little unicorn theme.

But to start off, the cake I ordered looked nothing like the picture. I mean it was bad. It looked like the unicorn hair was literally melting off the head. And Apparently, it was graduation season so getting balloons with helium was not going to happen at any store And to top it off, I hadn’t cleaned the house!! So the day started off on the wrong foot but the cookie lady saved my soul. She made cookies and they were perfect so it made me smile. She saved the day with cookies!!! You know you are a mom when the simple thing such as perfect little unicorn cookies make you happy.

Then the guy I am dating drove over an hour to come to blow up balloons with a purchased helium machine so that I could clean and decorate. More smiles! It’s the little big things that help make the world go round and for me, this was one of those things. We got everything together and set up just as the first guest arrived.

As each girl arrived, with sleeping bags in tow, I was like what the hell am I thinking?? Was it too late to cancel? I mean 10 girls plus my own, that’s way too many. What am I going to do?? Then I realize there is no way everyone will show up, so it will be fine. Then I started to count the arrivals, how did we get to 10 girls? That’s 10 additional girls in my house for 16hrs. Oh goodness. We started out at the pool. The girls swam and had a blast. Hoping to wear them out, we swam for two hours.

There were food, cupcakes, and presents. Mind you not one kid complained about the cupcakes that I was so concerned about. They just ate and enjoyed life. I would say that I long for the days when I wasn’t such a perfectionist but I think I was born this way.

All was good until night fell, and the girl drama began. There were kids crying because of course friends are the most important thing to 10yo girls! By this time, some girls were feeling left out. Trying to make sure every girl was okay, I had to have mini-counseling sessions in the bedroom. But we still had one girl go home. I was hurt. I felt like a failure. Then I remembered the goal of the day was to celebrate Danielle so I put on a movie, and told everyone goodnight. Eventually, they wound down and passed out. Morning came, the girls woke up, ate breakfast and then parents came.

It had turned out well. I had made it. Everyone was happy and cleaning. The princess and I were ready for church. But then, of course, I thought it would be so cute to do a photo shoot with the glitter filled balloons. I needed another opportunity to capture a memory on my phone. My nieces and the princess went to the backyard and the balloons started popping before I was ready with my camera. Instead of enjoying the moment of happiness. I began to yell wait, stop, I’m not ready. The princess does not respond well to yelling so she got mad and began to pout. Well, pout is a nice word, she starts kicking the balloons and saying doesn’t want to do it anymore. Then I got mad because I just wanted to capture the moment and she ruined it. I yell at her and send her to her room. She was crying, my heart rate was elevated. I was so pissed. I had paid all this money for this celebration and here she was being ungrateful.

I sat down and recapped. Then I went and talked through things with the princess and her fast asleep. I decided to nap as well. We were both cranky causes we were tired.

Our children will hurt our feelings and we will feel like we are close to the edge but every day we must thank God and ask Him for guidance. Parenting is hard work. The lessons are it’s not about the cake or the pictures you miss. Give yourself grace. It’s about helping little girls manage their emotions and avoiding preteen girl drama. Each time we focus on every moment being perfect, we miss the blessings of living life!

Things won’t always work out the way we want them to and we won’t be able to capture everything on film but we can love on our babies, and live in the moment. In the end, it’s about life balance and love.

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