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The Act of Balancing It All

After a long weekend, it’s back to work for Mommy with more responsibilities after a round of layoffs. Mommy also chose this week to attempt to give up coffee. The first few days were as close to hell as I ever plan to be.

The princess is headed to summer camp and back to dance. I can honestly say that I was not happy but prepared for what the week would bring. The princess was not happy about going to the summer camp that was different from her friends. Friends are truly the most important thing to a 10yo. She cried and tried several times to convince her father, whom I co-parent with, as well as myself to send her to another camp. However, we had to consider what was best for all of our schedules.

So even with the crocodile tears as we drove to camp, I stood my ground. I usually can be a sucker for the tears. I mean what if people are mistreating my child. The teachers may be mean and the kids may be bullies but then I remembered my child. She has been identified as gifted and talented since the age of 5yo and one of her many talents is manipulation. So as she was so quickly about to manipulate me, I knew she would be bossing around other kids at camp by the end of the week.

So I reassured her that everything would be fine, she would have a great time and meet some awesome new friends. And you know that moment when you make a good Mommy decision and you feel all proud? Yep, that was me! After day one, she was super excited about what was going to be happening at camp this summer.

The first day of dance, of course, there was more tears. This time because no one is in her summer jazz class. Now I know that’s not true because of course, they would cancel the class if there were not any other kids. The princess is dramatic so she was convinced walking into her class later in the week she was going to be alone. She said it may as well be her solo.

Remember friends are the most important thing to a 10yo.

As the dance week went on, somehow we added three more classes. For a total of 11 classes this summer and I knew this fall was going to be fun.

So while I am taking on more responsibility at work and trying to be healthier and break the addiction to caffeine, the princess is trying new things at camp and dancing her evenings away. When I want to complain about being busy, I remember that children are a gift from God and that God won’t give me more than I can bear. So the lesson is to trust the process, stay in prayer and God will walk with you and help you along the way.

You never know what the day may bring. So live each day like it could be your last. Enjoy the moments, take the risks and find a way to balance it all.

36 thoughts on “The Act of Balancing It All”

  1. I have been paying a lot of attention lately to my need for more balance in my life. I tend to get so absorbed in one thing or the other that I neglect everything else. Meditating and setting time limits for myself seems to be helping a lot.

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  2. Finding a way to have a more balanced life is so important not only for your wellbeing but for your daughter as well. Glad you stood your ground and she enjoyed the dance camp.

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  3. I remember when I was that age! I was the same and I would always try to cry to try to get my mom to give in. It never worked though haha

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  4. Friends are the ones who make us feel safe and courageous in the same time. When they are not there, we feel vulnerable. I guess that is why your daughter was so upset to get out of her comfort zone. But she made new friends and she will in the dance class as well!

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