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img_0699I don’t know where to begin, who I am or who is she? I could start with her because it is her who takes up all my time but then I should probably start with who I am because I  am older and I am her mother.  Well I am her mommy, Daphne’ Danielle. Being a Mommy is one of the best jobs ever! Especially when doctor’s said you would never be able to carry a child full-term and here I am with a 10yo!!  Being a Mommy is awesome but it also the hardest of all the jobs I have had.  But let’s talk about who I am, outside of being a mother. I am me! I am a what you see is what you get type of girl. I am type A, working mother who gives 100% to everything she does. Like how I am still talking about being a mother? I am a woman who loves God yet fails Him every single day. I am a woman who believes in love and loyalty. I believe is trying hard and making mistakes, although I feel like I am pretty much perfect so I do not make too many mistakes! I am a leader by nature, I have a take charge attitude and I do what it takes to get things done. In the recent weeks, I have identified my personal life mission statement,

“Through love and compassion, lead others to grow into their maximum potential and fulfill their purpose”

This is what drives me. I want to help others to reach their best selves. I love managing others, I love nannying, I love mentoring  teenagers and young adults and I love being a mom. These things all align with what God has called me to do. I want to share my love with others. I want to be compassionate and understanding. I want to give people the grace that I have not given myself. Being a mom is hard. Being a working mom can be even harder. When you are a working mom that supervises others, I can not begin to tell you the difficulties. But then you add in living for God, helping others parent their children and mentoring teenagers and young adults without proper parental guidance, then you see that being Daphne’ is hard each and every day. This blog will walk you through the many life challenges of being me that I experience but it will also make your heart smile from the rewards. I hope that I am able to help you to give yourself grace as an individual. I want you to love yourself. I want you to know that you can love your job and it doesn’t make you a bad mother. I want you to know you can not feel dealing with work some days and still be committed to that part of you as well. I want you to know its okay if you cannot be at every single thing because you my friend, no matter how many hats you wear in your life, being you is the most important one.

I always knew I wanted a little girl. I would say if I had five boys first, I would keep trying for a girl. I always thought the world needed a mini-me. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew it was a girl and when that was confirmed, I was ecstatic. What I didn’t realize is that the princess would wear her crown. Danielle LeAnne, my princess! The baby who never cried, she just would make loud grunts at us. The baby who could hold a full conversation with you but had zero interest in walking. The toddler that figured out all the childproofing techniques just by walking. The toddler that started a 3yo program at 27mo and completed private school kinder at 4yo. The 5yo that easily tested out of kinder but then started public school.

You think that stopped her? Not at all.

During her kinder year, she was identified via testing as not only gifted and talented but extremely advanced. This all sounds awesome but one thing you will learn about the princess is that she can be manipulative and at times outsmart adults.

Fast forward to now, the princess just turned 10yo! In addition to being in the gifted and talented program, she also loves dance! She takes ballet, jazz, lyrical and tap. This year will be her 4th year on the competitive dance team #dancemom. She loves to sing, so of course, she is in the choir. Technology is her thing so she is part of her school’s techspurts team. And this year, the princess is the Student Council President!

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